Photography makes me happy.  I've been taking pictures for years of my son, friends and family.  Throughout those years, I've found joy in the taking and giving of photographs.  It's my happy place and a way to design and create for the benefit of others.  
I took this picture of a blue heron near my home.  It's a simple and natural image of a common bird.  The exact thing I strive for in my photography--beauty in simplicity through the lens of a camera.  My approach isn't highly stylized or posed, but more natural and authentic glimpses into a relationship, day or event.
I would love the opportunity to capture images for you. It'd be an honor to document a few fleeting moments of you and your loved ones.  Photographs not only let us remember what a time or place looked like, but what it felt like.  If you think we may be a match, click on the "Let's Connect" link above.  I can't wait to get to know you!
Best to you and yours,
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